William Atkinson 1883


William Atkinson was the eldest child of 10 children to Stewart Atkinson and Susan Atkinson nee Laird.[CPS officer and National School Teacher]  Born 18th Aug. 1883 at Swateragh. Marghera and baptised 22nd Nov. 1883 at the Presbyterian Church Swateragh. 

He went to Canada in the 1905 on the Tunisian into Montreal.  William became a Quartermaster working for the Pacific Stevedoring and Contracting Co.  sailing up to west coast of Canada out Prince Rupert  B.C.  At some stage he lost an arm and travelled to the Seattle to the Artifical Arm Co. for a prothesis. 

In 1919 he decided to come to Australia. He travelled out of San Francisco on the Ventura via Pago Pago.  After his arrival in Sydney he met up with his brother John Neville Napper Atkinson who had arrived and settled c. 1911. They worked  in the Blue Mountain area of NSW.  It was here that William  met Mary Martin Fallis McFarlane a Scottish lady and they married 1921 in Sydney town.  The had 2 sons Stuart who died at birth then William Stuart born 1925.  William died of a stroke on 8th Aug 1938 aged 54years. He is buried along side his wife at the Independent Cemetery at Rookwood NSW. His many descendants are still in Australia but only one male line being carried on by the arrival in 2017 of Maximilian Oskar Atkinson his great great grandson.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Aug 1883  
Date of Death 1st Aug 1938  

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