William Callaghan 1905

William Callaghan 1905

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William Callaghan was born on the 20 April 1905 in the small Townland of Murren in the Parish of Fanad/Clondavaddog, Co. Donegal.  

He was to become the eldest brother in a family of 11 Boys. His parents were William Callaghan and Annie Callaghan, who were born and grew up fairly nearby to each other in Murren and Ballylar, in North Fanad. 

His father Willie Callaghan (b.1877) and his Grandfather William (b.1847) were also born in Murren, however before this his Callaghan family would have come originally came from the Townlands of Balloor down nearby the Lighthouse in Fanad Head. 

Williams mother was Annie Callaghan, daughter to ‘John Doney’ Callaghan and Bridget McCarry, who had a large family living in Ballylar, Fanad.

William being the oldest, left the family home in his teenage years to travel and work in Scotland as was the practice of a lot of family, neighbours and friends at that time in rural Donegal. In his twenty's he return to Murren for the quickest of visits to see his Parents and younger Brothers as he was shortly returning to Scotland to get a Ship that would take him to Canada with the possibility of crossing to the United States some time in the future.. 

In 1929, William was recorded as making his Border crossing from Canada, and his Port of Entry into the United States was Ranier, in the State of Minnesota, USA. 

In 1933, William submitted his Declaration of Intent for Citizenship in New York. He was recorded at the time as being an Automobile Mechanic by occupation residing at Taylor Avenue, New York. A 27 year old male with fair complexion, blue eyes, dark brown hair, 5ft 7half in height, weighting 156 pounds. He was not married and having no children. His last 'in residence' and location emigrated from was Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Margaret and William Callaghan with their daughter Anne-Marie in 1964In 1934, William Callaghan got married to the love of his life Margaret Ruth Brady from Philadelphia. Margaret Brady was born in Philadelphia, however her father and mother were born in South Donegal and emigrated to the US in the late 1800's. Margaret's father had unfortunately died at a young age and Margaret (aged 2) along with her three sisters were sent to Ireland to be raised by of her mothers sisters in small village called Teelin in South Donegal. Margaret later returned to the U.S (Philadelphia) when she was 17. She worked and remained in Philadelphia where she met William Callaghan who often journeyed there occasionally to visit family relations. They got married in St. Agnes Church in Philadelphia in August 1934, and moved to New York soon after.

Picture right : Margaret and William with their daughter Anne-Marie in 1964

In 1938, William Callaghan was recorded as submitting his Petition to the US District Court New York. It was recorded at this time he was married to Margaret Brady and residing at First Ave, New York, having two children, Margaret (Peggy) b.1935 and William (Billy) b.1937, both born and residing in New York. Soon after this, the Petition was successful and he became an American Citizen of the United States.

At this time Margaret Brady was a home maker and she looked after the family and William worked on the docks on west side of Manhattan for Long Shoreman & Construction Company. One of their biggest Construction Projects that William would have worked on was the building of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel back in the 1940's. 

This would have been the early years in the Marriage of William and Margaret and they went on to have a further four children called AnnaMarie, Eileen, John and Joanie who in turn went on to give them 24 Grandchildren and 23 Great-Grandchildren, and still going strong. 

William Callaghan died at the age of 75 in 1980 in New York and his wife Margaret later passed away in 2000 at the grand old age of 93. The memory of this couple William and Margaret is cherished deeply by all their family and their extended family across the globe. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 20th Apr 1905 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Mar 1980  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) William Callaghan - born 16 November 1877, in Murren, Fanad (Parish of Clondavaddog) VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Anna Callaghan - born 27 December 1882 , in Ballylar, Fanad. (Parish of Clondavaddog) VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Murren, Fanad North, Donegal VIEW SOURCE
Number of Siblings William Callaghan with his 10 Siblings.  
Names of Siblings William (1905-1980), John (1907-1990), Frank (1908), Daniel (1909-1979), Paddy (1911-1949), Michael (1912), Eddie (1915-1990), James (1917-1987), Charles (1919-1998), Henry (1923-2001) and Joe Callaghan in Edinburgh  
New Type 1911 Census Ireland - William and Annie Callaghan Family in Murrin, Fanad, Donegal. VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Margaret Ruth Brady - born 14 January 1907, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
Names of Children 6 x Children : Peggy, William, AnnaMarie, John, Eileen, and Joanie Callahan  
New Type William Callaghan and Margaret Brady Household in New York City, United States VIEW SOURCE
Place of Death New York, New York, USA  
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