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William Culbert born in 1829 in Glinsk, Fanad, Co.Donegal and his wife Jane Mair born in 1835 in Glasgow Scotland. In 1848 they travelled to United States, meeting in Charlestown South Carolina, where they married in 1853, raising a family of six children, and 20 grandchildren. 


108 Years later in 1956, Carolyn Culbert Osborn, a descendants of William Culbert’s, escorted by her husband became the first Culbert to take the return journey to visit her great-grandfathers birth place in Glinsk, Fanad, She was followed soon after in her journey in 1959 by her close relation Dorothy Culbert Lucas and her husband Fred Lucas. Dorothy Culbert became the author of this book (attached) that tells the History of their Culbert family on emigrating to the United States and who they would have met and kept in contact with families from Glinsk during their time back in Fanad, along the Shores of Mulroy Bay. 

PRINTABLE BOOK LOCATION: Parish of Clondavaddog Resource Folder - Message Board 


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Decendent of William Culbert born in Glinsk, County Donegal, 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 11th Jan 1829 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 2nd Jan 1922 VIEW SOURCE




  • The links above don't work to find the book.


    Sunday 5th August 2018, 06:13PM

    Hi , my great-great grandfather is Mathew Peoples of Glinsk , and his mother is Elizabeth Culbert . I was wondering if you know if there is any connection between William and Elizabeth .

    ( If it is the same Culbert family I do remember coming across a page which stated there was a wife from Glasgow somewhere in the Culbert line ) 

    Thanks . 



    Wednesday 24th July 2019, 12:58AM
  • E.M.,

    William was an older brother to Elizabeth.  You can see their family here, headed by James Culbertson and Margaret Alcorn:


    Not sure if you are referreing to the wife of a sibling, to a parent, or to William himself, but If you can find that source showing a wife came from Glasgow, that would be excellent information to document for this family!


    Jim Culbert

    Administrator, Culbert Family Genealogy Project

    Oregon, USA




    Wednesday 24th July 2019, 03:26PM
  • Jim Culbert,

    Regarding "The links above don't work to find the book."

     You can find The Story of Jane and William Culbert from Glinsk, Fanad, Donegal.compressed.pdf here


    You may have to copy and past this link into your browser.

    This book contains the birth and death dates of William and his father and mother's names (William Culbert and Catherine Divvers). This controdicts the names given in the Culbert Family Genealogy Project. Also gives information on his brothers John and James.  

    I found information on John. His South Carolina will gives information about his brother's James and William and his sister Margaret. Also states that Margaret was married to William Peoples. There are Census Reports and a City Directory entery for him.

    All of this information is in a Ancestry.com family tree that I maintaintain. I can send a copy  of the will and other documents if you wish.

    I have forwarded an email that I sent you on 2/24/2017 that contains the PDF file of the book.


    Al Gross

    Al Gross

    Wednesday 24th July 2019, 08:52PM