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Hi, Looking for some help here. William Cullen who is my Gt Gt G'father was born between 1818 and 1822 in either the parish of Kiltoghert (nr Carrick on Shannon) OR in County Galway (Ahascragh). Conflicting evidence found on prime records such as his Army attestation and marriage records show both locations. These records are directly related to William so I have no problem with the provenance of these. Additionally, there has been a story handed down through time that the family changed their surname from Green/Greene as it is believed he was some form of tax collector and was driven out of his family paish. (My research here lends some support to this, although I believe this took place in Co Galway during the tithe war. This may also have explained why he joined the British Army only 4 years after marrying his wife.

The detail provided in the attestation (19th April 1845) record clearly states that he was born in the Parish of Kiltoghert nr the town of Carrick on Shannon and that he was 23 years of age, therefore being born in 1822.

His marriage on 21st December, 1841 at Ahascragh records a third place of birth namely, Tynagh nr Ahascragh with a miscellaneous reference to 'Police sub constable' (As yet not traced). His birth is not recorded in the RC parish baptism records and I am unable to locate the CofI records to prove or disprove his baptism here. 

William's Army pension record has his baptism recorded as in Kiltoghert 

So, I am back with Kiltoghert Parish as a likely place of birth ! Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any records where I might be able to find his birth / baptism and very ittle information to go on. There are no known siblings, Uncles, Cousins or Parents. I have aletter from the Rector of Ahascragh after a serries of letters were sent from the Crimea and which refer to the Rector's personal knowledge regarding William and his wife in which he states that both were in his Sunday School suggesting a childhood spent in Ahascragh or area. I would doubt that the Rector would knowingly refer to William's place of birth as Kiltoghert if this was not the case and that he was famiiar with the two families.

Any help / suggestions would be great !

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1820 (circa)  
Date of Death 13th Sep 1878