William D Boyle 1841

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William D Boyle was born on April 3 1841 in Ireland.  He emigrated from Ballybay in county Monaghan around 1860. He was the son of Timothy Boyle and Catherine Duffy, who remained in Ballybay.  William came to the United States and somewhere along the way married Jane Dillon, also of Ballybay.  They had a daughter Frances, aka Fannie, born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1874, and ultimately settled in Toledo, Ohio.  William was a plasterer by trade.  Once in Toldedo, they had 4 more children, only three whose names I have found in records.  William Francis Boyle,  born on June 16, 1876, died one year later, on August 2, 1877.  Francis Benjamin Boyle Boyle, born October 14, 1878, lived in Toledo, Ohio until his death on October 18, 1948.  Mary Gertrude Boyle was born on April 14, 1882.  She lived in Toledo Ohio until her death on March 10, 1968.

     William's parents remained in Ballybay;  Timothy owned a pub and grocery on Main Street in Ballybay with his son Francis. Timothy died at Castleblaney in 1872.  Catherine Duffy Boyle died in 1865.  William's brother Francis, became a county commissioner and passed away  on June 12, 1912.  William died in Toledo Ohio the same year as his brother on February 29.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 3rd Apr 1841  
Date of Death 29th Feb 1912  

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