William Flannelly1800

William Flannelly 1800

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William Flannelly was the son of Owen & Mary Flannelly.  On March 6, 1832, in Skreen (Catholic) Parish, William married Mary Lang, the daughter of John & Abigail Lang of Drung, County Cavan.  William and Mary Flannelly were tenant farmers in Doonflin Upper townland working 13 acres leased from a wealthy local landowner, Jeremiah Jones, Esquire.  They were the parents of Eleanor (born in Skreen Parish in 1834), Abigail (born in Skreen Parish in 1835), John (born in Skreen Parish in 1841), Michael, Patrick, Owen & Edward (all four born in Ireland).  In the autumn of 1846, after the second year of failure of the potato crop, the Flannellys fled An Gorta Mor, emigrating to the US.  They first went to Liverpool and then sailed in steerage on the ship Marmion from Liverpool to New York.  Their daughter Eleanor was not with them and is presumed to have died before they left.  The Flannellys landed in New York on November 28, 1946.  Shortly after that, they relocated to Jersey City, New Jersey where they lived for the remainder of their lives.  William Flannelly died in December 1882 as the result of pneumonia.  His wife Mary Lang Flannelly died in June 1884 as a consequence of gangrene in both legs.    

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1800 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Dec 1882

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