William Henry Sharpe 1838

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My great grandfather William Henry (WH) Sharpe born in Ballinasloe in 1838, died Dublin 1905.

He was a noteable actor and tragaderian throughout his life working all over Ireland and England.

His Father Joseph and William's elder brother Stephen owned and ran a successful drapers and general dealers in Society Street Ballinasloe which eventually traded as Moffits, Jacksons, Sharpes & Foleys. 

(Drapers would have been located on the left of the picture below, more or less where the cart is located)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1838  
Date of Death 1905  


  • Do you know where Union Street was located in Ballinasloe as I cannot find it. 

    The workhouse established in 1841 was called the Union Workhouse - could this be near where your ancestors drapers and general dealers were? Perhaps where Barretts hardward store is now?


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Wednesday 13th June 2018, 11:39AM
  • Hi Laura. Sorry for my error. The store was in Society Street not Union Street as I incorrectly stated. It was a double fronted shop in the past, but I have no picture of it. The building currently on the site is Jurena Health Shop just before Church Lane. Regards Richard




    R Sharpe

    Wednesday 13th June 2018, 06:46PM
  • Hi Richard,

    That makes more sense! Thanks for letting me khow - I have edited the Chronicle to say Society Street.

    I know the retail space you speak of - when I was a child it was still a drapers, called Cullens and owned by the Cullen family.  

    I also have uploaded a picture to the Chronicle - it would have been just beyond the bakery, on the left of the picture.


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Thursday 14th June 2018, 11:22AM
  • Hi Laura.

    Thanks for the picture of Society Street. It was nice to be able to see even a little of the old shop. Was the picture taken in the 1950's?

    I note that the birth date under the picture of William Henry Sharpe is not correct; I hope it was not an error of mine? His birth date as recorded on his baptism record is the 16th August 1838.

    I don't know if the following info is worth adding to the profile, but William's father Joseph and his elder brother Stephen were both members of the Ballinasloe Masonic Lodge No. 137 called The Sussex Lodge. At times they were both serving as Masters of the lodge. The lodge used to be at the far end of Main Street, and while the building still exists it ceased to be a lodge long ago.

    Thanks again for the picture. Regards Richard

    R Sharpe

    Monday 2nd July 2018, 07:30PM
  • HI Richard,

    For the picture I'd say 40s/50s. There is a chemist just to the left and I'd say the man in the white coat was a pharmacist.

    I'm not sure where the date of birth is wrong. I can only see 1838 on the Chronicle.  Is this not the right date?

    Very interesting about the Lodge 137.  I found some info about it here: http://www.irishmasonichistory.com/sussex-lodge-no-137-past-masters-jewe...

    That building now houses a bakery and coffee shop called Cookies and Cream!


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 02:03PM
  • Hi Laura.

    Thanks for the interesting info on the Sussex Lodge, it is a pity that my family were not mentioned.

    We visited Ballinasloe in June 2016 at the request of some possible cousins with the same surname who live nearby. We were shown the old lodge building, and the bakery was not seen by us . As the old building is after the Bank of Ireland building at the end of Main Street it does seem to be a bit far from the centre for a bakery to be placed? 

    We also visited the Creagh cemetary and saw the graves of William Henry Sharpe's father Joseph Sharpe and his grandfather Richard Sharpe.These graves are close to the old ruin building. William's brother Stephen is also buried nearby. The grave of Richard Sharpe has a rather grand headstone which states that he was the quartermaster of the Galway Regiment. This was most probably a Militia. Along side of this grave is the headstone of William's father Joseph and hs mother Isabella nee Masters.

    Would you know of anybody who could find out more on these people and the "Galway Regiment"?

    Thanks again for the info on the Lodge. Regards Richard.

    R Sharpe

    Monday 30th July 2018, 06:57PM

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