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Galwaymen at War, Marie Bennett
This edition of ‘Galwaymen at War’ details Galwaymen who have fought in the fields of Belgium
310 Years Ago
On 11 July 1708 the Battle of Oudenarde (modern Belgium) took place and saw a Grand Alliance (Great Britain, and the Dutch, Austrian, and Prussian forces) victory over France. Among the 7,000 French dead and wounded, more than double the Grand Alliance total, was Galway’s Wil-liam Kegan (Clare Regiment) from Glinsk whose left arm was crippled by a gun-shot. There were many Galwaymen alongside Kegan in battle. Pictured  is the Duke of Marlborough at the battle by John Wootton.

This Chronicle was created using information originally published in the South East Galway Archaeological and Historical Society Newsletter No. 29

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