William Lehane 1873

William Lehane 1873

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My Great Grandfather William Lehane was born 3 June 1873, his birth was registered in Kilshannig County Cork. 

His parents were Timothy and Julia Lehane neé Crean. 

William married my Grandmother in South Wales in 1901 and he died 1946.  My father, also William is 86 this year and would love to know more about his Irish family.  
Our family tree is on Ancestry under DaviesTwo 

Birth William Lehane

Additional Information
Date of Birth 3rd Jun 1873  


  • Hello,

    www.familysearch.org has likely siblings for William to TImothy Lehane and Julia Crean/Crane.  Eliza x2 1869 & 1870, Michael, Denis & William. Townlands of Newberry, Milfort/Milford, Dromore. So you likely have cousins out there and other townlands to search.

    The National Archives has census search you can try. www.nationalarchives.ie.  Try the asterisk * wildcard search for Kilshannig/Kilshanning and note that Dromore is found as Dromone on one of these censi.  Search for Crean and Lehane. You'll find Lehane in Beenalaght where my people are from.

    www.historicgraves.ie may have some tombstones for your family.

    I could not find marriage for Timothy Lehane and Julia Crean on irishgenealogy.ie in Mallow or elsewhere. You could search the Glantane parish registers at www.nli.ie for 1867-1869. Very time consuming and hard on the eyes.

    Also try the Library of Congress site chroniclingamerica for newspapers. You may find something good there. 

    Good luck and have fun!  Craig/Stignaz


    Thursday 28th February 2019, 04:53PM
  • Hello

    I dont know your name,I am donie O Sullivan and live in the parish.I have done some family tracing for requests from old Kilshannig parish.

    The old Catholic parish was Kilshannig ,named after saint Seannach  who had a monastic settlement near Newberry in c 550 AD..This became the protetstant parish in 1581 when King Henry 8th's church took over.A new Catholic parish was established in 1821 name Glountane  covering the exact same area.This means that Catholic records are for Glountane(Glantane) parish and the protestant and general state registerations up to 1921 are under kilshannig.

    Back to your query Newberry and Dromore are townlands only,no village. Millford was the name of a gentlemans estate  and the area became known as Millfor and an old cornmill existed there. I had a look in irishgenealogy and found the following born to Timothy Lehane and Julia Crean.

    1-Mary. 1st May 1864.  in Dromore.Name spelled Leyhane

    2-Denis.15aug.1866.           Millford

    3- Eliza.  5th Feb.1869        Newberry.A Hannah Lehane was present

    4- William. 3rd June 1873  Dromore

    5 - John 12 Oct.1875         Dromore. Spelled Leyhane

    6- Michael 20 Feb.1880     Quartertown(Mallow Parish but near Newberry 

    7 - Julia - 1st Feb. 1885     Blossomfort(Ballyclough Parish and about 5 miles from Newberry) Lizzie Lehane was present

    In those days many Catholics were illiterate and spellings could vary.

    As tate records in ireland began in 1864 there may be other children born before 1864 ,however i will look for a marriage in about 1862-3. and as crean is a glantane parish name something may turn up.

    Have a look at above and come back as i will look up more

    Regards Donie


    Donie O Sullivan

    Friday 1st March 2019, 11:33AM
  • Thank you so much for your help, I'll let you know how I get on! 


    Sunday 29th December 2019, 12:13PM
  • Two others are currently researching their Crean ancestors in Glantane parish from USA  and their family originated in Dromore townland in Kilshannig(Glantane ) parish which is near Drommahane,Newberry,Milford etc.

    There is a website "historicgraves.com" where old graveyard records are recorded and the graveyard in your ancestral area is Kilshannig Graveyard and I was involved in its survey and recording.you will find photos of each headstone and the attached inscription also.You can see the 4 lehane/Lyhane headstones on that site by opening historicgraves.com-search-projects- Duhallow projects-page 2-Newberry(kilshannig)graveyard.

    I will look up a few databases and get back to you should I find anything.I know at least one Lehane whose father was Stephen lehane who died many years ago and if I meet him I will enquire as he lived in Drommahane village next to Dromore and Nweberry.


    Donie O Sullivan

    Donie Sullivan

    Wednesday 1st January 2020, 10:41AM
  • Hi,

    This is great I'll have a look now!  I can't wait to share with my Father & cousins... We really appreciate all your help.  

    Thank You







    Wednesday 1st January 2020, 02:37PM
  • Hello Susanne /Lehane 73

    I had a look at Glantane parish records and found the following baptisms to Timothy and Julia Crean.

    John 1/11/1858

    Michael 6/5/1860

    tim  6/4/1862   

    Mary  2/5/1864  Smithfield. spelled Leyhane

    Tim  12/8/1865   Dromore

    Denis  12/8/1867  Milford

    elizabeth 15/2/1869  Milford

    Eliza  5/6/1870  Newberry

    William 18/5/1873   Dromore

    John  25/10/1875  dromore.Spelled Leyhane

    Michael 16/5/1877  Dromore


    From above it seems that 3 died young and that Tim and Julia probably married in 1857.and that is before computerise marriage records are available for Glantane.he was described as a labourer on birth certificates. all of the townlands are in glantane parish.

    The only suitable Timothy lehane I found baptised was on 1/11/1830 and he would be about 27 yrs in 1857.His parents were John and Margaret Callaghan.

    I looked up death records and may have found that of timothy Lehane who died on 4/9/1906 in Ashgrove Mallow ,70 yrs old and his wife Julia registered the death. Julia herself died at same address on 5/3/1908 at 59 yrs and her son Denis registered that  so it seems most likely but Julias age could be aproblem but then shre would not be the first woman to conceal her true age. he was classed as a labourer.

    If Julia was 18 when she married then she would be about  69  in 1908 and not 59 but mistakes could also be made.

    Hope above is of help

    By the way there are Lehanes still living in the parish.There are also some lehanes buried in Kilshannig graveyard




    Donie Sullivan

    Friday 17th January 2020, 08:05PM
  • Hi Donie,

    This is really helpful and at last I feel I'm getting somewhere, although Julia is still a mystery.  I thought they may have married in April 26 1865, only Julia was Sullivan and a widow?   Which I assumed was why in birth records she was Julia Crean Leyhane /Lehane and yet her marriage was Julia Sullivan (the name of her deceased husband).  Here's how I came to this conclusion: I know that if you marry a second time it is in the name of your first married name (which in Julia's case I assumed was Sullivan) however, any childrens births are recorded with Mothers surname at birth (Maiden name)  And for Julia this was Crean.  I hope that makes sense.  I could be totally wrong and since you mention a possible marriage in 1857, it's given me something else to  consider.  I certainly need to explore that further.  I notice there is no birth of Maurice Lehane, my Father is sure of William having a brother called Maurice as his own brother was named after 'Uncle Maurice' and my Father was named William after his Grandfather Lehane. Also, I have William's Birth Certificate and his birth was recorded as 13 June 1873.  I'll try to attach it here somehow. 

    I really appreciate your help, I didn't think I could be so happy to receive an email as I am with these from Ireland Reaching Out! 

    Thank You



    Friday 17th January 2020, 10:58PM
  • Hello Susanne

    I had a look at more records and came across the marriage of Timothy Lehane and Julia Sullivan in Millstreet parish on 26 April 1865 .She was living in Liscreagh and he in Charlesfield in Banteer parish.Timothys father was John Leyhane and mother was Ellen Murphy..It is very probable they could have had another child  in 1867 or  thereabouts Could it be that Maurice was born before they came to live in Glantane parish.I assume Liscreagh is in Millstreet parish hence the marriage there.Charlesfield is about 10 miles from Drommahane and about  the same from Millstreet town. There was an established family of  Lehanes in Charlesfield  about that time so Timothy could have been born there. Surprising that Julia gave her fathers name as Cornelius Sullivan ,a farmer in Liscreagh and she was described as a widow.i would guess that Cornelius was her father in law.

    I t may be worth while writing to the parish priest in Millstreet parish and Fr.Winter in Banteer Parish to check if a Maurice Lehane was baptised in either parish and the baptism also of Timothy Lehane 

    Millstreet is in the diocese of Kerry and Banteer and Glantane in the diocese of Cloyne.

    You are correct in saying that a widow getting married is legally the name of her dead husband.You can find the church wedding in Millstreet parish if you search the nli (national library Ireland)website and then parish records.



    Donie Sullivan

    Friday 24th January 2020, 03:50PM

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