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William Magrath was born around 1767, probably in Cavan.  He began practising as a solicitor in the Court of Chancery in 1791, and married Susan Maria Carruthers on 23 Mar 1792 at St Paul's, Dublin.  She was the daughter of William and Mary Carruthers.  Her father was a Cornet in the 1st Regiment of Horse (later 4th Dragoon Guards) and several of her brothers entered the same regiment. 

To date it is known that William and Susan Magrath had 2 sons - William Christopher Carruthers Magrath and George Ponder Magrath.  When George Ponder Magrath's daughter Rebecca married , the press referred to her as the grand-daughter of William Magrath, solicitor of 'Comalane', Cavan.  It's possible that this was a mis-spelling or misunderstanding of 'Drumlane, Cavan', as the Magrath family from Drumlane had several members who were solicitors.  Luke Magrath (later a sheriff of Dublin and of Cavan) practised in Chancery from 1793.  There was a Thomas in Exchequer and various other Magraths in the Four Courts, and at least 2 William Magrath, solicitors, with offices in Dublin at the same time.  The naming tradition and the fact that government posts were allotted by patronage makes it likely that many of these were related.

William Magrath's (b abt 1767) two sons William Christopher and George Ponder both worked as Clerks in the Courts of Chancery, as did William Christopher's son Christopher and George Ponder's sons Charles Veitch and William Benjamin.  More concrete information on William Magrath (b about 1767) and his almost certain Cavan connections will be key to identifying which records refer to him (and not the other William Magrath, solicitors!!) as well as identifying brothers and sisters and his other children.

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