William Park

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I only have the birth of his two kids in Ardstraw, and the marriage of his daughter - this is the info:

1820 birth of son Matthew Park or Parke

​1823 birth of daughter Frances FANNY Atchison or Acheson (born Park), Tyrone County near Strabane N.Ireland

1843 marriage of daughter Francis to Charles Acheson (Kitkit township) (aka Atchison, Atcheson later in Canada).

William was in an newspaper ad regarding the marriage of daugther June 1843, stating that he was from Glenglush township.


I believe they were Protestants.

**Updated info November 2019**

Hi wife's name was Mary.  I got this info from his other son Hugh that I found on the census living next door to sister Fanny and husband in 1861 in Bruce Ontario Canada

1819 birth of son Hugh Park.


I was lucky enough to visit Ireland in August and went to visit the "Park" and "Acheson" land (they were across the trail from each other).  We found the Park homestead - the buildings are still standing from at least the late 1700's!  


on the 1861 census hugh and Fanny were listed as CHURCH OF SCOTLAND.  Charles was listed as FC - not sure what that is... 

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  • I have family linage to a William Park from Tyrone. His birth was 1748. He had a son William Russell Park. My line is from his brother, Russell Park born in 1783, Stewartstown, Tyrone County.   Maybe some familg connection. 


    Sunday 10th November 2019, 11:24PM
  • Hi!  I realize I haven't updated the details on the family - so I did publish it, but it is in waiting for approval.  I don't have any more details prior to my William though.  I did validate the line by dna matches, and am happy to share kit numbers, etc if you want.  I also have my tree out there on myheritage.    My Park was from Glenglush.  I do have some info on the Newtownstewart Parks but was basically told they are not related - but I kept them in just in case!  A William Park from 1780 married to Mary... 

    I'm not sure how to switch to private conversations using this site.  Happy to work on this to see if we have a family connection! 


    Monday 11th November 2019, 12:02AM

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