Ancestors from Ireland

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Peter Coleman 1862
Peter Coleman
Allsaints (Donegal) +others Donegal Raphoe (Donegal) DOB: 19th Jan 1862
Patrick  Joseph Ford 1861
Patrick Ford
Galway DOB: 1st Mar 1861
Richard McCartney 1836
Richard McCartney
Louth +others Kilsaran (Louth) DOB: 8th Jan 1836
Mary Hand 1838
Mary Hand
Monaghan DOB: 1838
George Martin 1856
George Martin
Cork +others Waterford Cork City (Cork) DOB: 1856
Edward Malia/O'Malley 1800
Edward Malia/O'Malley
Mayo DOB: 1800
Bridget King 1816
Bridget King
Clare +others Sixmilebridge (Clare) DOB: 1816
Michael  O’Sullivan 1825
Michael O’Sullivan
Kerry +others Molahiffe (Kerry) DOB: 1825
Henry Dunne 1823
Henry Dunne
Offaly DOB: 1823
Samuel Work
Samuel Work
And Malone 1810
And Malone
Castletown (Louth) +others Louth Carlingford (Louth) DOB: 1810
Maria McDonagh 1881
Maria McDonagh
Mayo +others Killedan (Mayo) DOB: 19th Nov 1881
Patt McEllin 1811
Patt McEllin
Mayo +others Balla (Mayo) DOB: 1811
Mary Therese Flanagan  1870
Mary Flanagan
Louth +others Kilsaran (Louth) DOB: 16th Apr 1870