29 Newbridge Ave Dublin 4

DonnybrookCounty Dublin

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29 Newbridge Avenue, Sandymount, built in 1874, is steeped in history. If the walls could talk ...  they could tell of meetings held by historical figures such as Padraig PearseJoe O'Ruairc, and Éamonn MacThomáis here. 

Number 29 has long been home to the Ó Ruairc family. This terraced house was built by John Hogan who constructed all of the terraced residences on either side of 29 Newbridge Avenue, (no’s 29, 27, 25, 23, 21 and 31 Newbridge Avenue) with locally quarried granite.  John Hogan was the great-great-grandfather of the O'Rourkes who have kept the property in the family since that time.  

Joseph, Jack, Tim and Fredrick O’Rorke, were all members of the original Irish Republican Brotherhood and later (after a disagreement over the treaty of 1922) the Irish Free State and the Irish Republican Army.  In the years leading up to the rebellion and then during the War of Independence (the Black & Tan War) this house was utilized at various times as a weapons cache, and also as a meeting place for rebel leaders and rank and file volunteers.  

Also during this period their mother Gertrude O’Rorke (a midwife) also took care of pregnant and destitute women in the house.  

This house was put on the market for sale in 2018. 


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