Ardsallagh House

ClashmoreCounty Waterford

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Ardsallagh House (facing River Blackwater) circa mid 1930s - taken by Mrs. Geary & kindly passed on by her son John

Ardsallagh House in County Waterford was built c. 1830 on the banks of the Blackwater River near the town of Youghal by Dominick Ronayne Esq., M.P. for Clonmel 1832-1836 and member of the Irish Bar. 

Ronayne was related to the Ronaynes of D'Loughtane House nearby, and also to Ronaynes elsewhere in Waterford and Cork. On Ronayne's death in 1836 the house passed briefly through his surviving family and was then inherited by cousins from Cork. These cousins maintained possession of the house and farm up to the end of the family line in 1961, after which it was first managed by Ronayne's trustees and then sold. The new owner demolished the main house c. 1967 and replaced it with a more modern bungalow; however, many of the original farm buildings were retained and augmented. Eventually the new owner moved on himself and the property passed through a number of hands, including NAMA's. Various plans were made for the property such as use for a retirement home but none came to fruition. The house and an adjoining chalet were described as "derelict" in sales advertising in 2015, and some of the property was sold off piecemeal over the years leaving the farm a somewhat reduced version of its former size. As of this writing (May 2020) there is planning permission for a redevelopment on the site of the main house.

John Geary, son of the former Land Steward of Ardsallagh House, and Ronan Waide, grandson of Doctor James Ronayne's driver, put their heads together over 2017-2018 to create a history of the house along with some notes on life on the farm and the surrounding area in the 19th & 20th centuries. This can be found here.


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