St Peters (Dublin)

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aka The Grand Canal Hotel
aka The Grand Canal Hotel

Portobello House (built 1805-1807 by architect James Colbourne) was originally known as “The Grand Canal Hotel” for which purpose it was constructed. It closed in 1835.

The Catholic Assylum for the Female Blind aka St Marys Asylum for the Industrious Female Blind (founded by Fr Spratt) was located here from 1860-1868 by when a new building had been constructed for the Irish Sisters of Charity at Merrion Gates (Merrion Road).

In 1911 it became a nursing home. The painter Jack Butler Yeats (1871–1957) spent several years here before his death. 

In 1989, Portobello College was established here as a private institute for education and continues educational use today as the Atlas Language School. 

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Religious Institution

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