County Westmeath

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Athlone Castle, Ireland. Image from,_2008.jpg
Athlone Castle, Ireland. Image from,_2008.jpg

Athlone Castle is located in the civil parish of St Peter's in County Westmeath, though it must be noted that part of this civil parish is also located in County Roscommon

The castle was built around the year 1210. An earlier wooden castle is also believed to have existed on the site. 

The current castle was built by King John by Bishop John De Gray of Norwich. 

The location of the castle was chosen for its strategic placement at a crossing of the River Shannon. 

Further fortifications were added to the castle in the late 13th century, including the addition of a curtain wall and a number of towers. 

The castle was seriously damaged duing the siege of 1691. 

18th century records describe the castle as being in a ruinous state. The castle was refurbished by British forces in the early 19th century who sought to use the building for its defensive position in case of a French attack. Machicolatoins were added at this point too. 

Athlone Castle has been renovated to an excellent standard and is now a popular tourist destination at the heart of Ireland. 

And if you do get the chance to visit, make sure to drop into Sean's Pub which is around the corner and the oldest pub in Ireland!


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