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Ballyhowly House © NIAH
Ballyhowly House © NIAH

In 1786, Wilson described Ballyhowley as "a country seat belonging to Henry Browne". 

In 1801, a farmhouse was erected here for Peter Rutledge in the shadow of the medieval Ballyhowly Castle (which was in ruins by 1838) and it enjoyed historic connections with the Ruttledge family throughout the 19th century to include:

  • Thomas Ruttledge (1778-1829);
  • William Ruttledge (1812-1904); and
  • Thomas Ormsby Ruttledge (1871-1953).

In 1837, Lewis described it as Ballyhoole, the residence of T. Rutledge, Esq.

The sales advertisement of the Oranmore and Browne estate in 1854, featured a lithograph of the house. At the time of Griffith's Valuation, William Rutledge was leasing the property, valued at £10, from John Nolan Ferrall.

Today, this house offers farmhouse accommodation to guests.



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