Moyrus (Galway)

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Blackadder Hotel Ballynahinch, Galway c.1895
Blackadder Hotel Ballynahinch, Galway c.1895

The hotel was originally known as the Angler's Rest and was owned by John Robertson sometime prior to 1847. It was later rebuilt and renovated by Walter Blackadder who also managed the local fishery. The hotel was a focus for tourists and anglers visiting the Connemara region,  'being beautifully situated for salmon and sea trout fishing'.

At the time, the Galway-Clifden Railway, to be opened it was hoped in 1848, was a 10 minute walk from the hotel. 


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  • What a coincidence! I think I saw this hotel in one film that I watched with my friends a few days ago. I remember it so properly because we couldn't connect to the network, so we needed to use a free vpn. And troubles with the network happened exactly when there was a scene in front of this building.

    Saturday 4th May 2019 07:29AM

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