Building near Chapel of the Woods, Ballyronan, Co. Derry, Ireland

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Wood's Chapel Building


I am trying to post this photo taken in 2012 of an old building located beside the present Chapel of the Wood's in Co. Derry, Ireland. Wondering what this building is. Thinking it might either be the original Chapel of the Woods or a school affiliated with the chapel or perhaps the original chapel later used as a school. Thanks for any input

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  • Hello I grew up in Lisnamorrow nr Ballyronan and was a member of Woodschapel Parish Church. I don't recognize this buidling I doubt that it is the original Chapel of the Woods which was built in 1739 as only a gable is left standing in the graveyard of the current church which was built in 1867. It is also not the school which is still standing and has different windows and door. The photo looks like it was taken more like a 100 years ago rather than in 2012 given the dress of the gentlemen and the patina of the photo. The foundation stone of the original Woods church was moved to the entrance of the current church and does not look like the plaque on this building. Do you have more info on when and where the photo was obtained?








    Tuesday 29th December 2020, 12:24AM

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