Bunratty Castle is located in County Clare at a strategic point near the Limerick border. 

The castle as it stands today was built in the mid 13th century by the MacNamara family, though earlier structures at the site have been recorded as far back in history as the 10th century. 

It has changed hands mutiple times over the years. Not long after it was built it became the property of the O'Brien clan who later gave over the castle and associated lands to the English King under the system of surrender of regrant. In return they were named the Earls of Thomond. When Cromwell's forces arrived in Clare, the O'Briens abandoned Bunratty and set up their home in the vast estate at Dromoland instead. 

In its more modern history, Bunratty was even used as an RIC barracks. 

Today Bunratty is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland and is under the management of Shannon Heritage. A visit to the castle includes a guided tour, a day of experiencing Irish life throughout the ages in the folk park, and if you really want the fully immersive experience, a night at the banquet where you will be provided with a delicious meal, information on the history of the castle, and of course plenty of entertainment from the singers, bards and musicians. 


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  • Many years ago my husband & I had the opportunity to visit Ireland, the land of his ancestors.  My husband is a Corbett who's grandfather migrated to America from Ireland around the turn of the century.  The Corbett's were from county Clare, so we flew in to Shannon Airport so as to explore Clare first.  Our very friendly taxi driver enquired as to the reason we chose to visit ireland & on learning we were Corbetts suggested we visit Bunratty Castle that night because 'the castle was then owned by a Corbett & by this time he will be well into his cups.  Just tell him your a cousin from America & knowing no different he will welcome you'.   We did visit Bunratty & the village, but not as long lost cousins of Mr. Corbett.  I don't know if he was just having fun with us or if a Corbett really did own the castle then - I'd love to know.  I'm hoping someone can check this out for us - Did a Corbett ever own Bunratty Castle??

    Mrs. Thomas Corbett


    Friday 9th April 2021, 09:24PM

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