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Old Cargin Roman Catholic Chapel and graveyard.
Old Cargin Roman Catholic Chapel and graveyard.


  • The lady in the picture is standing right by the graves of my 4th great grandparents, Felix Cunningham O'Neill and Mary (nee O'Neill). The one closest to the corner nearest the church to her right just behind the larger darker fenced in. He died 1858, her in 1876. They resided at Drumderg House, now the home of Barry O'Donnell and family.


    Thursday 25th July 2019, 06:27PM
  • My maternal grandmother's father, Joseph McCann, was baptized in that church. He emigrated to the USA in 1883. In the late 1930s he erected a memorial to his family. I think I can see it near the righthand side of the picture. On it he gave his parents' names, and the names of some of his siblings--I assume only the ones who had passed away by that time. It says, "Erected by Joseph McCann, Brooklyn, New York, in Memory of his parents and family, Neil McCann, Susan McElvanna McCann, Daniel McCann, Jane McCann, Maria McCann, and Catherine McCann. R.I.P." I know nothing about any of his siblings listed except for Daniel. I believe he was a poulterer in Belfast: Daniel McCann and Sons, poulterers, at 277A Antrim Rd., Belfast. There were other siblings, but they are, obviously, not on the memorial as they had not passed away yet. Those siblings are: John, Charles, and Elizabeth. I know nothing of John, altho he may have emigrated to NYC. Charles emigrated to the US. Not sure if he came to Boston or NYC. Family legend says he married and had four daughters but we know nothing else. Elizabeth married a Belfast man: John Redmond and they had children in Belfast and NYC. She missed Ireland, and ended back in Ireland before WWI. Some of the children returned to the US after WWI, and some stayed in Ireland. 

    Carol McLaughlin Neilson, caroleires@yahoo.com





    Friday 26th July 2019, 04:53AM
  • Hugh O'Neill Esq. of Carlane, just up the hill from Cargin, was buried at Cranfield, in a tomb which contained all his ancestors back to Hugh Oge O'Neill, son of Con mac Brian O'Neill, brother of Shane mac Brian O'Neill of Shanescastle, where Hugh Oge O'Neill had lived along with his brother Eoghan until 1602, when after receiving pardons from King James for fighting in Tyrone's War the former built Feevagh House on the townland of Carlyan/Carlane/Carn Liathan (grey cairn) and the latter Mullaughgane House on the neighbouring townland of Mullaughgane. Martha, sister of French John O'Neill and her husband Colonel Arthur O'Hagan also rest with my ancestors. The Earl O'Neill put a commemorative stone there in the early part of the 19th century but no trace remains. There is a large McCann plot in the vicinity of our family tomb there. Cranfield is a far more ancient cemetary.


    Friday 26th July 2019, 11:27PM

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