Carrowreagh Corn & Tuck Mills

KillummodCounty Roscommon

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no longer extant


In May 1829, William Fox of Carrowreagh registered a £10 freehold for a "residence with Corn and Tuck Mill" in Carroreagh [sic] Barony of Boyle. 

In March 1840, a "house and offices, corn and tuck mills, and kiln" valued at £6 10s. was recorded here in the name of Patrick Fox (1819-1899) who had wed Jane Costello (1822-1902) around this time. 

By 1857, this holding had reduced in value to £5. Patrick Fox was still present and leasing 25 acres of land in addition to the mills (owned by the Caddell estate). Fox sub-let a small house, valued at 5 shillings to Charles Suffolk. By 1864, Pat Fox was recorded as a farmer. 

By the late 1890s, this mills were described as "in ruins" on the 25-inch Ordnance Survey map and were not recorded the 1901 Census.

In the 1901 Census, his son *Michael Fox (1848-1911) and wife Mary Ellen Reagan (1867-1957) occupied a 3-room 2nd class house at Carrowreagh with 4 farm out-buildings (stable, cow houses and a diary).  



In March 1840, a "house and offices" valued at £3 8s. was recorded in the name of Nicholas Boylan who held most of this Caddell townland for grazing.  The actual occupants of this roadside house [GV#1a] were his herds: the Cryan family. (John and Patrick Cryan of Carrowreagh were invited to godparent for the Foxes in 1845 and 1951 respectively, and Luke Cryan in 1864).

In 1857, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, Thomas Boylan, Esq. was leasing a "herd's" house valued at £8, together with over 350 acres, at Carrowreagh (barony of Boyle) from the owner, Richard O'Farrell Caddell.  The "herd" occupying house 1a on behalf of Boylan was not recorded. The only clue in Griffith's Valuation being House 1b (valued at 10 shillings) which was being sub-let by Mary Cryan (possibly Mary Higgins widow of Owen/Eugene Cryan).

  • John Cryan & Honor Carney, farmers m. circa 1853.
  •  Patrick Cryan, shepherd, father of Sarah Cryan (b.1846) m. Bernard Gannon of Corless Ballinameen in 1867, Luke Cryan m. Sarah McKeon in 1872. 

By the 1901 Census, 4 of the 5 dwelling houses in Carrowreagh were occupied by members of the Cryan family: ​

  • Patrick Cryan (b.1868) son of John Cryan farmer & Catherine Reilly of Co. Longford. m 1893.
  • Peter Cryan (b.1853 son of John Cryan & Honor Carney, farmers) married Sarah Padden of Lodge in 1887. 
  • Michael Cryan (b.1874 son of John Cryan & Honor Carney).
  • Luke Cryan (1836-1921) & Sarah McOwen aka McKeon (1835-1913) and their son Patrick Cryan (b.1876 with Michael Fox* as godparent). In 1872, Luke Cryan, farmer (son of Pat Cryan of Carrowreagh, shepherd) married Sarah, dau. of Michael McKeon of Ballinculleen. Pat Cryan 

 A house and farm are still extant at the site.


[Research by Rua Mac Diarmada 2018]


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  • Hi, my 3rd great grandfather is Michael Fox, born 1841 in Clontibret. Married Catherine Bradley, born Castlebar County Mayo in 1863 in Cheshire England. Their marriage cert shows Michael's father as Edward Fox (deceased). I'm trying to find more information about Edward, Michael's mother and any siblings. Hoping someone has more information. Thank you.


    Saturday 26th September 2020, 06:38PM

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