Aglish (Mayo)

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built 1835
built 1835

Castlebar, in its time, had a number of old prisons: 

  • the earliest (prior to 1785) was located at the junction of Ellison Street and Castle Street (where Egan's jewellers is now).

  • a Bridewell jail was built circa 1786 on the Mall (now site of the Motor Tax Office). While incarcerated in the Ellison St. jail (for his part in the murder of Randall Mc Donnell, a neighbouring landowner) George Robert Fitzgerald- “the Fighting Fitzgerald” of Turlough Park House was hanged from a scaffolding here when the Bridewell was under construction.  A monument depicting Lir, Celtic God of the Sea is situated near here in memory of Ernie O Malley, Freedom Fighter.

  • Castlebar old Gaol (as pictured above) was built in 1835 where Mayo General Hospital stands today (opposite T. F Royal Hotel). It closed in 1935.

A sign erected by Lord Lucan outside the Gaol read:  "Outside Beware, Within Amend."

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