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Castle Coote & Castlecoote House
Castle Coote & Castlecoote House

Teach Bhaile Mhic Oireachtaigh aka Castlecoote House is an 18th century house which has recently been restored. It was built in the second half of the seventeenth century, within the enclosure of the old castle which had by then fallen into ruins. 

Castle Coote (thought to have been built between 1570 and 1616) was a strategic site, and may have been the base of the Chieftains of Fuerty, the MacGeraghty clan. In 1616 it fell into the hands of Sir Charles Coote, who improved and refortified the castle. The castle was attacked three times by the confederate forces in the 1640’s.

In the 18th century the property passed into the ownership of the Gunning family, rumoured to have won it in a poker game. In 1814, it was occupied by T. and J. Nolan, and by William John McLoughlin, in the 1850s, when the house was valued at £40. In 1894 it was the seat of Arthur and Francis Chute

Today, Castlecoote house can be reserved for events and accommodation.



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