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Castlegarde Castle
Castlegarde Castle

The oldest continuously inhabited in Ireland built in circa A.D. 1190 by the O’Briens. It was later used as a Geraldine tower-house used as a late-medieval fortress by the Earls of Desmond until the confiscation of their palatinate.

David and Hazel Thompson are the current owners and custodians of Castlegarde Castle. It has been their life long passion to both preserve and restore this historical gem which played a significant role in Ireland’s history.

While significant restoration works have been carried out on Castlegarde Castle, there still remains work to be done, and there is also the substantial cost of upkeep. In order to facilitate these works, David and Hazel host tours of their home Castlegarde Castle for pre-booked groups, from a minimum price of €60 for up to three people and €20 per head after that. This includes tea, coffee, scones, and cake.

The tour of the Castle which was built in secret by Donal Mór O’Brien and his sister in law Aoife McMurrough (Strongbow’s wife) circa A.D. 1190 brings history to life. The castle includes a murder hole, moat and bawn, and an A.D. 1820 Georgian extension by the famous Pain Brothers Architects.

David is renowned for his eloquent historical tours, which include discussions on Castlegarde’s various occupants from the O’Briens and the Earl of Bath, right up to the present day, including its resident ghost!

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