Clonagam (Waterford)

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Clonagam Church and graveyard, Curraghmore
Clonagam Church and graveyard, Curraghmore

The simple, little, stone church with it's surrounding graveyard on the Curraghmore estate. It is on the same hill overlooking Currahmore as the ancient rock "Mother Brown." The current church was built about 1741 and rebuilt in 1794.  

Clonagam is the traditional parish church for both catholic and anglican families and predates the churches at Portlaw and Guilcagh. The previous chapel on the site was probably the original catholic chapel for the parish now covered by the RC Chapel and later St Patricks Church of Portlaw.


From the outside you get no idea of the magnificent sculptures and memorials on the inside. These include the beautiful Boehm memorial to Florence, the first wife of the 5th Marquis who died in childbirth along with her baby son.

Clonagam (also spelt as Clonegam) comes form the Gaelic Cluain na gCam or meadow of the windings. There is a meandering stream nearby and it sits in a meadow overlooking the Curraghmore farmlands.




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