AhascraghCounty Galway

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Clonbrock House, Ahascragh
Clonbrock House, Ahascragh

Clonbrock House was designed by William Leeson and was built to replace the old castle which remained intact until 1807, when it was accidentally burned down in a fire that resulted from a fireworks display on the estate to celebrate the birth of the 2nd Lord Clonbrock’s son and heir. 

In the 1870s the Clonbrock estate in county Galway amounted to over 28,000 acres.

Dillon Family on Clonbrock Estate 1865

Photographed above: Dillon family group including Lord Clonbrock and Lord and Lady Clanmorris, gathered outside Clonbrock House, Ahascragh, Co. Galway. 

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