County Cavan

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Part of my Families Heritage, it stands on a small island, scarce three hundred feet in diameter, just sufficient to contain the castle and a small margin of rock around it. The island stands in very deep water; the shores are a mile distant, wild, yet thickly wooded. The castle is a beautiful ruin, round, massive, hoary, save where mantled with rich Irish ivy. The walls are immensely thick, with embrasures and coved windows, round which "ruin greenly dwells." It is unlike most Irish castles, which are square.[4]

The castle is located in the historic Kinom of Breifne, specifically in the part that would later be subdivided into East Breifne, roughly corresponding to County Cavan. 

In 1233, the O'Reilly clan took possession of the area and completed the castle. 


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