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Convent of Mercy, Gort
Convent of Mercy, Gort

This was originally known as Bridge House and  is probably the oldest inhabited building in Gort. It was erected c. 1770 by John Prendergast Smyth who later acquired the title Lord Gort. He lived here until 1816 when he went to live in the newly-built Lough Cutra Castle.

It was inhabited for some years by Dr. W. Mulville. From 1850 to 1852 it was used as an Auxiliary Workhouse for the girls of the Gort Workhouse .

On the 5th of November 1857 the Sisters of Mercy came from Carlow to establish a convent. They used the existing building - the three-storey portion facing the street, now a protected structure - and soon added the remainder. 

The story of the Convent is published in the book Near Quiet Waters. 

Type of Building:

Religious Institution


  • looking for information on Fahey/Fahy family.   i am a direct descendant.


    Tuesday 19th January 2021, 04:55PM
  • I was wondering if Sister Fahey  from the Sisters of Mercy  is descended  from  any of the family FAhey born  Crow st. Gort.     the family John and Mary Fahey had ,, in no order   Thomas. Michael. John. Mary. Patrick. Bridget and Martin.              Sisteer ajey are you a descendant from any of this family or their descendants please..   If you have done any research , like me,   you may have followed one member down the ages, I have followed 2 of them and i am a direct descendant of one of the females.       My maiden name is Eastham.      Please, please could you answer me as to who, or that you are not a descendants.                                        

    Thank you.        Margaret  France



    Thursday 28th January 2021, 07:42PM
  • Sorry Margaret, I'm not related to you. My folk did not reside in the town of Gort.

    If you could supply me with some dates it would help me to look up some sources for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    de Lourdes Fahy

    GortGalway, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 31st January 2021, 07:26PM
  • Thank you so much for youe reply even though we are not related.   I know the name Fahy and Fahey can be one and the same or completely different so i took a chance.    

    In the 1851 Census all the Fahey family were living in  Crow st. Gort so i was presuming that they had always lived there.      The only dates i have  are of Patrick, son, born 1812,   and  his sister 

    Bridget born 1815.     I think Patrick and Martin wwent to USA   and that both died there  but actually only sure about Patrick as i have seen a headstone on a friend`s search site.   On.   no proof.


    ly told that Martin went USA.     sorry aboout the spacing, not very good with tthat aspect or how to print larger.

    Back to Bridget,   She moved to Co. Roscommon  ( she had a son Henry }   no idea where he was born, and a daughter Agness     born  1839-1840  CAsstlerce   , borony, Demesne.

    Bridget and Agnes  later came over to Lancashire with Thomas McMahon .    @1860 and Thomas and Agnes married  1861.   Bridget had come to Lancashire with them.   No idea what happened t

    to Henry.

    Thomas was born 1833 in Collon, Co. Louth.   no idea how thomas Mcmahon and Briget and Agnes came to be together.

    I have no dates for the other family of John And Mary FAhey   but would to know if there are any of their descendants coming down the line.

    One of Thomas` and Agnes`s daughters , Margaret  married Robert Eastham,    My paternal grandparents.    I am an only child and i am trying to find my past for my greatgrandchildren.    Their her

    heritage also.      If you can help in any way it would be marvelous.           thank you.





    Monday 1st February 2021, 03:06PM
  • Dear Margaret,

    I'm afraid I cannot be of much assistance to you. The reason is : The  church records of births, marriages and deaths for Gort parish only commence at 1854. 

    The  Civil records begin at 1864.

    You mention the 1851 census. Actually that census was one of thousands of documents  which were burned during the Civil War in Ireland in 1922.  Maybe the Fahey family had made a copy of the census for their own family.

    Have you ever thought of doing a DNA test?  The people who "match" you  might be able to help you. I would recommend doing it with  Search for it in Google.

    Sorry again for not being able to help you.

    Best of luck,

    de Lourdes Fahy (Sr.)

    GortGalway, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 1st February 2021, 04:07PM
  • thank you and yes,  i have done a DNA test  which is almost proceced.   I expected resullts later this month,   but if others have not done it, i won`t find them.  I really don`t understand it at all.  just not good with understanding tecnology terms.  but thank you.   margaret.


    Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 02:00PM

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