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Cullaun townland in the first Ordnance Survey of 1839
Cullaun townland in the first Ordnance Survey of 1839


The townland of Cullaun, between Ballyvaughan and Lisdoonvarna Co. Clare, also appears on record as Cullane, Killane, Killohan, Killahan, Callanan, (and Lisduane in the 17th century). 

Adjacent townlands: W: Cooleamore & Killeany | E:  Gragan West & Lislarheenmore | N: Lislarheenbeg | S: Ballyconnoe North.

It lies just west of Diarmaid and Grainne's Cave (Leaba Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne).


SEE William Nugent McNamara MP.

Cullaun was part of a large estate in the district of the Burren and Ennistymon, that was owned by the Macnamaras of Doolin (who inherited Ennistymon House aka the Falls Hotel in 1843).  

Back in 1641, "Lisduane" was owned by the O'Davorens, until Cromwell declared all Catholic landowners go "to hell or to Connaught" and gave it to the Comyn aka Cummins family. 


In 1829, Thomas O'Gorman held the full townland of "Killane" (Tithe Applotment Books: 149 Irish Plantation acres).

  • The greater part of the land at Cullaun was deemed to be of poor quality by the Tithe surveyor.
  • Only 4 plantation acres were of 1st class quality, with 30 acres of 2nd class land.
  • There was a Lime Kiln not far from where O'Gorman resided and this would have been an income for him as well as sheep rearing.
  • A number of small huts mapped here suggest cottagers or herds were residing in this townland, possibly as sub-tenants of O'Gorman. 

In the 1830s, the first Ordnance Survey of every townland in Rathborney Parish took place. This detailed 6-inch mapping of Ireland was an historic world-first and instrumental to the map depicted above was Michael O'Loughlen who came into Cullane with his family in the early 1830s as a land surveyor. 

In 1836, four O'Loughlen men gave notice of their intention to Apply to the Freehold Register (Voter's Register) based on a freehold of £10 at Cullane [source]:

  • Michael O'Loughlen*, Land Surveyor, for "a house and land at Cullane"

  • Patrick O'Loughlen (1802-1874) farmer, for "land at Cullane"

  • Andrew O'Loughlen, farmer, for "land at Cullane"

  • Peter O'Loughlen, farmer, for "land at Cullane"

This would suggest that Michael O'Loughlen (as head of household) took over O'Gorman's lease in the early 1830s and had other "lives" named on this lease – an arrangement would have allowed Patrick, Andrew, and Peter also register to vote. 

Michael O'Loughlen, having secured employment surveying land for the Ordnance Survey was able to put down roots here for his family. (Patrick, Andrew and Peter O'Loughlen were likely adult sons of Michael). So where did they come out of?

  • The only O'Loughlins recorded in this parish in 1829 were cottagers in Faunarooska and Ballyalaban.

  • The O'Loughlins of Cullaun were related to the O'Loughlins of Ballyhenna (just west of Cullaun) in the parish of Kilmoon.

The Census of 1841 recorded 3 households in Culaun with a total population of 14. 


In 1846, all four named above registered to vote again at this address [source].

  • In March 1848, a Pat Hayes was indicted tor stealing sheep at Cullane, the property of Andrew O’Loughlen. But Hayes was found – not guilty. 

In 1851, at the close of the Great Famine, there were still 3 households in Cullaun, with a total population of 12. 

In 1854, Catholic parish registers began here. However, none of the O'Loughlens recorded above appear on record for Callanan (neither as godparents nor baptising their own). 


By 1855, Cullaun was home to only one household – that of Patrick O'Loughlen Sr. (1802-1874) who was recorded in Griffith's Valuation as holding the full townland of 269 acres at #1 Cullaun and the house rated at £1 10 shillings. His landlord was Captain Francis McNamara of Doolin. 

Other O'Loughlin's living nearby were: Malachi & Martin O'Loughlin of Gragan West (next-door), John O'Loughlen of Donnyvarden (Corkscrewhill), Michael O'Loughlen of Croagh North, John O'Loughlen of Lissylysheen, and Rose O'Loughlen of Drumbrickan.

In the Census of 1861, Cullaun was recorded as having 1 household and a population of 8. 

In the Census of 1871, Cullaun was recorded as having 1 household and a population of 6. 

In the Census of 1881, Cullaun had 1 inhabited building and 10 out-buildings (farm offices, sheds etc). The valuation (houses and land) was £45.

Cullaun's sole household was made up of 7 (4 males, 3 females) to include 

Cullaun in the Census of 1901 is recorded in the DED of Mount Elva. And in the Census of 1911 in the DED of Rathborney. 

  • The O'Loughlin household at that time was that of Patrick O'Loughlen Jr. (b. 1849) & Margaret Flaherty (a household of 13 all speaking Irish & English).

  • In 1901 the house at Cullaun was recorded as being a 2nd class thatched house with 3 windows to the front.

  • Their youngest son, Joseph O'Loughlen inherited the family farm.

  • Circa 1915, most Irish tenant farmers bought out their lease from the landlord by way of the Land Act Purchase (a loan from the British Government which took generations to repay). 

  • In November 1921, Patrick O'Loughlen of Cullane married.


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