Dolan Family home c.1920-1953

BallinasloeCounty Galway

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This is my Irish Ancestors family home, believed to be in Knocknagreana near Ballinasloe.

It was derelict when I took the photo on a brief visit to the area in 1993.

My grandfather, Martin Dolan, died in 1953 in Nutfield, Ballinasloe. I would be grateful if someone local recognises the building and could confirm the address.

I would also like to know some history of the building if possible. When was it built and Is it still there?

If it helps, my grandfather was demobbed from the army in 1919 with disability, but assigned to the army reserve.

I have a hunch this home was one provided for WW1 army pensioners.

Grateful for any help and/or comment. Thanks from

Graham Dolan


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  • Hi Graham, My brother-in-law is from Kilconnell and does a lot of cycling in that area. I will show him the picture and see if he can place the building in the Nutfield area. Laura

    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Tuesday 7th April 2020, 02:31PM
  • Thanks Laura, Very good of you. Regards from GrahamD

    Graham Dolan

    Tuesday 7th April 2020, 06:36PM
  • Hi Graham - I've uploaded a few photos to the message board - there was no facility to upload them here:


    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Wednesday 8th April 2020, 01:28PM
  • Thank you Laura. I'm surprised, but pleased to see it still there after all these years. Would you be able to tell me the actual postal address? I may write to the present owner and see if they can expand the history. It's ironic to hear about Mrs Casey as my grandfather's mothers maiden name was Mary Casey. We do have the death record for grandfather but we are very much indebted to you Laura for your very prompt help and assistance with this. Please let us know if anything else turns up. Stay safe. Best wishes from Graham & June Dolan, Lincolnshire, U.K.



    Graham Dolan

    Wednesday 8th April 2020, 05:51PM
  • Hi Graham and June, I will see if I can get a name next time I am visiting the area. For now we are all in lockdown! The hedges seem to have been cut back recently - in the Google map the is much more overgrown. Perhaps the house next door are also the owners. I'll be in touch if I find out anything. best wishes - stay safe. Laura

    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Wednesday 8th April 2020, 06:04PM
  • Hello again Laura. On my father's 1945 marriage certificate, it gives his address as "15 Caher Ballinasloe" I note that Caher is very close to Nutfield, so this must be the same as the present address. Perhaps the townland boundaries were amended after WWII? Please try and obtain the name of the present occupier for me, when this awful Coronavirus period is over. Safe wishes from Graham & June.



    Graham Dolan

    Saturday 18th April 2020, 04:31PM
  • Hi Graham and June,

    I know Cahir Cross -  it is on the old Ballinasloe/Loughrea road and is connected to Nutfield by the road that your Grandfather's house was on, so it could be the same address. Next time I am down in Ballinasloe I will call in. Take care. Laura


    Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 11:21AM
  • Hi Graham,
    Martin Dolan was my grandfather too, his son Tim was my Dad. I believe we are cousins. My cousin Anita (on my Mum's side) has told me you were in contact with her recently and has forwarded me your email address. I'll pm you. Deirdre

    Dee Dolan

    Monday 7th September 2020, 06:39PM

    Thank you Deidre.

    Thrilled to have found a cousin and be able to exchange family details by email.





    Graham Dolan

    Thursday 10th September 2020, 05:27PM
  • Graham

    The house is still there. I lived in Knocknagreena for many years. The house was then owned by Johnny Burke an ex British Army serviceman. The postal address is 15 Knocknagreena Ballinasloe. I can find out who now lives there if you wish. You can also see it quite easily on Google maps.  




    Tuesday 13th October 2020, 08:59PM
  • Many thanks for your message. I am very pleased to get confirmation of the actual address and yes, I would like to know who lives there now. Do you know the approximate date range of Mr Burke's occupancy? Your message confirmed what I believed to be some local history, this being a 'soldiers cottage'. Thanks to an earlier comment from Laura, I can see the cottage on Google maps. Thanks again and best wishes. Graham.






    Graham Dolan

    Wednesday 14th October 2020, 11:10AM

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