St MarysCounty Dublin

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Drought Printers
Drought Printers

From some time in the mid 1800's my 3rd Great Uncle, George Drought ran a printing business from this building, with his brother Lowry Strickett Drought.

He was born in Canada in 1817, his father was in the 19th Lancer's. The family settled back in Dublin after 1832 and he married twice, having 15 children, one of whom would continue the business at least until 1926. George died in 1885 in Dublin. He was mentioned many times as a key fugure in the Dublin Typographers Benevolent fund and some of his work is kept in the National Library.

Some of the children spread around the world, to New Zealand and the USA, but I have not yet managed to track any others beyond the 1911 census, where his 2nd wife was loving in Brighton Rd, Rathmines, with some children quite nearby.

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