Ellesmere House BOYLE

ArdcarnCounty Roscommon

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Ellismere House

Ellesmere House in Ardcarn is similar in form and design to Glencarne House to the south of the same townland. It shares some similarities with Ardcarne House to the southwest, suggesting a common architect.

It was the residence of Harlow Powell Esq. (1812-1879) since his marriage in 1847.

In 1857, Harloe Powell was leasing a house valued at £18 at Ardcarn, barony of Boyle, from Viscount Lorton's estate, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. 

He was survived by his wife Anne Isabella and son Harlow S. Powell who were present in 1891. 

This house is still extant and occupied.​


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