Evans Home, Bunn

CloncaCounty Donegal

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Evans Home, County Donegal

Mary Ann Evans was born in this house in 1892.  She is the daughter of Ann Theresa McDevitt, 1862-1940, and George Evans, 1866-1917.


  • Hello! Who was Ann the daughter of, if you know? I believe that Ann may be the great-neice of my direct ancestor as well. My 4x great-grandmother was born and died in Bunn. Bridget McDevitt aka McDaid was born about 1842 (I believe, I can't find any church records) and married Patrick McColgan. They were, of course, farmers. Their eldest child, Catherine McColgan (b. 1860 in Bunn), was my 3x great-grandmother who married James Patrick McLaughlin (b. 20 May 1852 in Donegal). They later moved to Boston, Massachusetts where my 2x great-grandfather, James P. McLaughlin was born (17 Aug 1888). The below picture is of James Jr. and his wife, Catherine Donahue: https://mediasvc.ancestry.com/v2/image/namespaces/1093/media/315eaa29-6648-411b-b062-01c1cdfd6216.jpg?client=Trees&imageQuality=hq&maxWidth=1349.099964261055&maxHeight=575.9999847412109.

    Hiya, (probably) cousin. ;)


    Monday 24th June 2019, 04:15AM
  • Hi cousin!  I was never able to determine who Ann’s parents were, unfortunately.


    Tuesday 25th June 2019, 02:41AM
  • Actually, I was wrong.  I think Ann Theresa McDevitt’s parents were William and Ann, but I have no further information on either of them.


    Saturday 29th June 2019, 06:09PM

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