Boyle (Roscommon)

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Fairyhill footbridge 2018 ©GoogleStreetView
Fairyhill footbridge 2018 ©GoogleStreetView


  • Fairyhill in the townland of Knockashee, Boyle. (Knock-na-Shee is an Anglicized spelling of the Gaelic "Cnoc na Sí" lit. Hill of the Fairies) (courtesy of Rua). It was developed by John Fry Esq. (1743-1796) in the mid-1700's. It had 40 acres, a brewery, a residence, a garden and fruit trees (behind a wall). 

    Fairy Hill

    Full oft in my fancy I visit thy shades,

    And wander enraptured among thy lov’d glades!

    In thee the brightest days of my childhood were passed;

    Rememberances treasured around thee are cast;

    Years, years may roll on, still thy mem’ry shall last.


    How dear to my heart is the sound of thy name.

    In joy and in sorrow, tis ever the same!

    Like the last note of music it sinks in my breast,

    Like the names of the lov’d who have gone to their rest!

     Elizabeth Fry, 1852


    Thursday 1st November 2018 11:35PM

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