Ballyboghil (Dublin)

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© google maps street view
© google maps street view

Farm#1 Ballyboghill (just north of the village, on the left after the graveyard). It looks like the original buildings are still extant and in use now as farm outbuildings. Click here for STREETVIEW.

In 1853, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, Patt was renting over 181 statute acres from George Woods Esq. (1786-1876) of Milverton Hall, Balbriggan. 

Patt Seavers' house (#1a) was also a property of substantial value and was mapped as having a Thrashing Machine in the 1830s.

  • In 1833, the Tithe Applotment Records show a Widow Seaver (1775-1855) nee Mary Dollard of Balcunnin – the relict of Patrick Seaver – on record as head of the family in Ballyboghill, presumably his mother. Again the holding at that time was considerable, at 180 Irish acres.

  • In April 1829, the nearby townland of Calliaghtown (northwest of Ballyboghill) "late in the possession of Widow Seaver" was advertised to let in the Dublin Evening Post.  

Patrick Seaver & Mary Dollard had at least 7 children: Patrick Matthew Seaver, Joseph Seaver (1810-1871), Mary Ann Seaver (who married Christopher McGrane), Elizabeth Seaver and Ellen Seaver (1810-1890). 

DEATH January 21, 1890, at Balbriggan, Ellen Seaver, age 80, youngest daughter of the late Patrick and Mary Seaver, formerly of Whitehall, Ballyboghil; Co Dublin. RIP Interred on 23rd instant at Glasnevin Cemetery. [FREEMANS JOURNAL]

In 1836, in the RC Parish of Naul, Patt Seaver married "Maria Lock" aka Mary Theresa Lock  (aka Theresa Mary Locke) Together, they christened the following children:

  • Patt Jr in 1837 (godparents: Nicholas Dollard & Bridget McNally)

  • Joseph Seaver in 1838 (godparents: Joseph McNally & Mary Anne Seaver)

  • Mary Seaver in 1841 (godparents: Phillip Reilly & Mary Seaver)

In 1864, Patrick & Teresa Seaver emigrated to Australia with their two daughters. Their sons, Patt Jr. and Joseph Seaver, remained in Ireland. MORE

  • The Seavers name did not appear on record anywhere in the DED of Ballyboghill in 1901. 

By the time of the 1901 Census, Farm #1 Ballyboghill seems to be owned and occupied by Edward O'Connor, a publican & farmer. 

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  • Hi there. I can't thank you enough for sending that photo of the farm building. I assume it was once the house, although the windows are not what they would usually look like. Is it possible this was always an out-building and the original house demolished? Anyway, I have been researching this family for over 20 years, and have been to Ballyboughal, to the church, and seen the Seaver records in the book. But I have never been able to find the farm, and now I have, so thank you so so much!

    My problem with my great great grandfather (Patrick Matthew Seqaver who Married Teresa Locke) is that I know his parents were Patt Seaver and Mary Dollard from Australian records. And I was told by a family member that we were connected to the Rogerstown Seavers. But if Mary Dollard was the wife of Patrick Seaver of Rogerstown, then it can't be right because their son, my Patrick Matthew, was born in 1812 and Patrick Snr. died in 1809.

    I thought he was born at Rogerstown and from George Seaver's book - The Seavers of Lusk and Rogerstown - I got the info that Patrick Seaver (married to Mary Dollard?) had several children, amongst them Peter Seaver who inherited the Rogerstown estate. I have had great trouble finding records for Peter. But it also said that Patrick Jr, inherited his grandfather's land in Ballyboughal. Can you connect the dots here for me please? I have tried and tried with records, but I can't find anything definitive.e Thank you so much.


    Wednesday 14th April 2021 07:03AM
  • Delighted!

    The building shown in the photo above does look like it was always a farm building. That there was a threshing machine mapped here in the 1830s suggests it was a fine barn & storehouse serving that. As for the original house, it seems to have been a single-story building (incorporated into the northern side of the current family home). 

    I can try to help connect the dots but I would need you to add the full data you have on each individual (mentioned above) to an Ancestor Chronicle (for Rogerstown, attach them to LUSK and Ballyboghill) first. That will speed up the process considerably.

    Then I can do a deep dig and give you my two cents worth. It is possible that "Widow Seaver" recorded in 1833 was the grandmother.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Thursday 15th April 2021 02:52AM

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