Clones (Monaghan)

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Fermanagh Street
Fermanagh Street

Photograph probably taken between 1908 when Fermanagh Street footpath was flagged, although proposals to concrete it as early as 1903, other footpaths in town were just gravel, and 1913 when Clones Electric Light & Power Company Ltd., applied to put up electricity poles in Fermanagh St. Note the old Gas lamp at Thompson's later Hayes's. The firm of W. N. Ferguson & Sons, Annalore St. were lighting their premises with electricity as early as 1903 and made proposals to the Council to light the town with electricity then, as they considered it cheaper than by gas light. The ladies are attracted to the latest fashion in Hugh Gunn's (Drapery) window. These premises owned by Owen McDonald and Stanley Kerr's next door were gutted by fire in 1930 and were rebuilt.


Words by Sean Slowey

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