Bailieborough (Cavan)

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First Bailiebrough (Corglass) Presbyterian Church
First Bailiebrough (Corglass) Presbyterian Church

The 300th anniversary of this congregation was celebrated in 2014.

See the excellant book by Leslie McKeague entitled "First Bailieborough Presbyterian Church (Corglass) 300 Years of Worship (1714-2014).

"Presbyterian beginnings in Bailieborough are chronicled and described in detail from the ministry of the Rev. David Sim, who was installed in Corglass on March 25th 1714. Notable historical events are recorded including the Famine, the 1859 Revival, and the erection of the Church and Manse.
The history of Glasleck Presbyterian Church aka Shercock Church and its ministers are also included in this publication. Graveyard inscriptions for both churches are recorded."


GoodReads: "First Presbyterian church..." McKeague Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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  • Greetings -- I was fortunate to visit this church, along with my paternal grandmother and paternal aunt, in the summer of 1970. I have reason to believe **some** of my ancestors were possibly married here. All of my genealogical records are maintained in Note: I uploaded a borrowed (from photo of this church, but it doesn't show up here. I will probably delete it. Thanks for the reference to the book!


    Saturday 26th November 2022 11:19PM
  • There's no middle ground! Either I can see TWO photos of this church -- or NONE. Begging your pardon... Update. This photo now appears within the FaceBook group cited above.


    Wednesday 21st December 2022 07:25AM
  • OldLineState. Update? Why? I noted two images of the church at two locations


    Wednesday 21st December 2022 02:33PM

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