Killukin Boyle (Roscommon)

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The Glebe aka Killukin House (Teach Chill Abhaicín)
The Glebe aka Killukin House (Teach Chill Abhaicín)

Teach Chill Abhaicín aka Killukin Glebe House aka Killukin Rectory was the residence of the Venerable Archdeacon of Elphin for much of the 19th Century. The monastical townland of Killukin, in which an old church still stands, was held by the See of Elphin. The vicarage of Killukin began in 1615.  For a full list of incumbents see [Mason]

The Glebe house was built here in 1816 on a glebe of 13 acres that had existed without a house long before that.  

The living is a rectory, in the diocese of Elphin, forming the corps of the archdeaconry of Elphin, and united to the vicarages of Kilbride and Kilcorkey, and the rectory of Ardcarne, together forming the union of Killuken, in the patronage of the Bishop: the tithes amount to £101. 7. 8., and of the union to 395. 7. 3. The church is a very old building. There is an excellent glebe-house, for the erection of which the late Board of First Fruits gave £400 and lent £240, in 1816: the glebe comprises 13 acres. [Lewis].

In 1837, the Rev. Mr. Molloy, curate of the parish, occupied the Glebe house at Killukin. By April 11, 1839 it was occupied by the Rev. John Strain / Strean and valued at £9 16s.

In July 1845, the Rev L.H. Strean was appointed to the Archdeaconry of Elphin and Rectory of Killukin. 

In 1857, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, Archdeacon Henry Irwin was occupying the Glebe House in the parish of Killukin, valued at £11.

In the 1890s, on the 25-inch Ordnance survey map, this property is labeled "Killukin House". 

At the time of the 1901 Census, Glebe was occupied by the Rev. Michael Somers and had 13 rooms. By 1911, it was privately occupied by Alexander Henry Wilson of Dublin. 

A house is still extant at the site.

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