Julianstown StamullenCounty Meath

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OSI 6" map 1837     [geohive.ie]
OSI 6" map 1837 [geohive.ie]


Herbertstown (aka  Harbourstown / Harbertstown / Harbetsson alias Darleston alias Damsellston) in the parish of Stamullen has long assocations with the Caddell family of Naul Co. Meath, who resided here since the early 16th century. 


Herbertstown House was a splendidly built, chiseled stone Georgian structure that retained a portion of an older dwelling to the rear.  The newer "Big" House was built in the early 18th century, at a cost of £20,000. 


In 1837, “Harbourstown" the home of Mr. O'Farrell Caddell, was described by Lewis as "a handsome modern mansion, with a desmesne comprising more than 400 acres tastefully laid out and well-planted, and commanding an extensive view from the summit of a tower within the grounds, which forms a conspicuous landmark to mariners". 


Herbertstown House was demolished sometime after 1930. However, former gate lodges, some outbuildings (dating back to 1760), and a gazebo remain extant. This gazebo is known locally as “Caddells Folly” believed to have  been erected in the late 1840s.(Poor relief construction projects such as roads in the middle of nowhere, were all termed 'famine follies’). As the story goes, Richard Caddell stood on the roof of his gazebo to view the Bellewestown Races (after refusing to attend, due to a falling-out with the organisers).


Robert O'Ferrall Caddell inherited Harbourstown House in 1856.


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