Holy Trinity Church of Ireland BANBRIDGE

SeapatrickCounty Down

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This is Seapatrick Parish Holy Trinity Church of Ireland can be found dominating Church Square across from Crozier's Monument, Banbridge.


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Seapatrick Holy Trinity Northern Ireland. Great Britain. VIEW SOURCE

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    I was able to see this church when I visited Banbridge in September. What I didn’t realize was THIS was the ‘Seapatruck’ Parish my ancestors attended. I was trying to find where great grandparent James Mahood and his son Thomas lived in Banbridge. I knew they were members of the Masonic Lodge in 1842 but finding where they actually lived has been a mystery. If anyone has a lead on that I’d be most appreciative!  I found Banbridge such a picturesque town and much larger than most maps give it credit. I learned a lot of ‘history’ when I had time there but needed much more time to locate family locations. The history information in Ireland is different than our British texts at home! Much more enlightening! 


    Thursday 25th July 2019, 03:39PM

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