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Howth Castle, Library, Howth, Co. Dublin c.1911
Howth Castle, Library, Howth, Co. Dublin c.1911

In 1841 J. Stirling Coyne & N. P. Willis in The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland described the Castle:

'Howth Castle, the venerable mansion of the ancient family of St. Lawrence, ennobled by the baronial title of Howth, is an object of considerable antiquarian and pictorial interest: the estate which it appears constructed to protect includes the whole romantic peninsula of Howth, and, unlike most Irish estates, has continued in the family, without increase or diminution, for upwards of six centuries...Viewed from a favourable point on the commanding eminence of the hill, the white battlements of the venerable castle are seen emerging from the thick woods in which it is embosomed; lower down, the square tower of Howth Church shows itself above the trees; and beyond these, the harbour and piers, the sea-worn islands of Ireland's Eye and Lambay, and the vast expanse of sea, constantly enlivened by the appearance of ships and boats under sail, form a picture whose features are as varied as they are beautiful and extensive'.

It is thought that this part of the castle was built to designs of architect Edwin Lutyens  c.1911.





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