GlasnevinCounty Dublin

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The Ink Bottle School in Glasnevin
The Ink Bottle School in Glasnevin

In 1706, Sir John Rogerson (a wealthy Dublin merchant who resided at Glasnevin House at that time) raised funds for the building of a new school in Glasnevin. Dean Swift pledged £40, stipulating that the school must be erected in the shape of an Ink Bottle because “Out of the Ink Bottle come Ink – Ink is ideas put on paper. We need Ink Bottles”.

The school was built on the site of the ancient Bull Ring dating to the 14th century.

Catering for Protestants and Catholics alike, this school flourished up to the late 1800’s.

In 1902, to facilitate modernization, part of the old Ink Bottle was demolished.

“The Ink Bottle” aka Glasnevin National School continues to educate the children of Glasnevin and surrounding areas to this day.



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