KilladysertCounty Clare

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Kildysert Workhouse on Historic 25 inch map (1897-1913)
Kildysert Workhouse on Historic 25 inch map (1897-1913)

The Kildysart (sometimes spelled Killadysert) Poor Law Union was officially declared in 1850. The Workhouse was opened in 1852 at a cost of £6,425. It was built to house a maximum capacity of 500 inmates. The Kildysart Workhouse was built to accomodate people from the areas of Ballynacally, Clondagad, Coolmeen, Kilchreest, Kilfiddane, Killadysert, Killofin, Kilmurry, Liscasey, Lisheen, and Rinealon. 

The Kildysart Workhouse closed in 1920 and was subsequently burned. The site is now occupied by houses. 



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  • My Great Grandfather, Noblett Molony, was the workhouse master from about 1880 till his death in 1899. His wife Mary McNamara, the workhouse Matron from about 1882 to her death 1899. Their 4 children were raised in the workhouse.


    Thursday 9th April 2020, 11:13PM
  • Hello,

    Have you created Chronicles for your Ancestors? It sounds like a great story and you can link them to the Workhouse.

    IrelandXO Team

    Chronicles Editor

    Friday 10th April 2020, 09:02AM
  • Hello, 

    To what extent are any records from this workhouse available, please? 


    Jeanne Foley Dwyer


    Saturday 11th April 2020, 05:08PM
  • Hi Jeanne, 

    Your best bet for accessing information from and about the records would be to contact the Clare County Council Archivist. This link might be of use

    Best of luck with your research

    Valerie - IrelandXO Team

    Chronicles Editor

    Tuesday 14th April 2020, 08:30AM
  • Hi there, I have created a chronicle for my Great Grandmother, Annie McCormack (nee Troy) who was born in the Kildysart workhouse in 1879.

    Wednesday 19th August 2020, 07:48PM
  • That's fantastic thank you! When you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see that she is linked to the Workhouse. Thank you for adding your ancestor and helping us to tell the human story of these institutions. 

    Chronicles Editor

    Thursday 20th August 2020, 09:13AM
  • You're welcome! I also added her parents Patrick and Mary who passed away in the workhouse. I have a couple of siblings for Annie who were also born there, would you like me to add these as well? Angie

    Friday 21st August 2020, 12:53PM
  • The more the merrier Angie! Thank you so much

    Chronicles Editor

    Monday 24th August 2020, 12:01PM
  • Doran, Nobbett Moloney is the person who is listed as registering the death of my great-great-great grandfather, John O'Shea on November 28, 1880.  Nobbett is listed as, "Chief Resident Officer of Kildysart Union Workhouse." J

    ohn's wife, Johanna is listed as passing away at the workhouse in February, 1879, but Nobett Moloney is not mentioned next to her name.  


    Sunday 11th April 2021, 04:20AM
  • Brian - Thank you for the note. I believe I had another relative prior to Noblett that acted as the Master of the Workhouse. Do you have the person's name who signed Johanna's death certificate? Do you know where John & Johanna are buried as I do not know where Noblett & Mary are buried? I do know where their parents are buried in Kilfiddane graveyard Labasheeda Co Clare. Dorann


    Sunday 11th April 2021, 10:17AM
  • Dorann,

    Johanna O'Shea does not have a name as a regisrtrar on her death papers.  Through research my cousin had done through the Clare heritage Centre, I have a lot of information on John and Johanna.  

    John and Johanna had four children baptised in the Parish of Kildysart:  Ellen, Martin, Mary and Hannah.  Martin is my great-great grandfather who emigrated with his wife and lived in Salem, Mass.   He married Catherine Burns on May 28, 1862 in the Parish of Ballynacally-Lissycassey.  Patrick Burns and Hanna Coleman were listed as the witnesses.  I have more information related to the family, but it doesn't go back further than 1829 due to a lack of records.

    All the O'Sheas descendant from Martin and Catherine are buried in the same family plot under one large tombstone including, my parents. It is where I hope to be buried.  So, I was curious where John and Johanna might be buried considering I will  be buried next to their son and daughter-in-law.  I went to Kildysart two years ago this month to check it out.  I stayed at Cahill's Shannon.  John, the owner and his girlfriend could not have been nicer.  I checked out the cemetery in Kildysart and Kilchreest looking for names and could not find John and Johanna.  I also went to the cemetery in Kilchreest and could not find John and Johanna.  There are plenty of O'Sheas in Kilchreest cemetery interestingly, with many of the same first names as in our O'Sheas.  lol.

    Anyway, I was told that John and Johanna are probably buried in an unmarked grave somewhere.  They were both listed as paupers on their death papers.  Apparently, there was a Dr. or Mr. O'Grady who handled the turning-over of the bodies to the family for burial and if the family did not have money to pay Dr. O'Grady, they could not get the bodies.  So, the short answser (lol) to your question is no, I don't know where they are buried.

    I did not look in the cemetery in Labasheeda, but drove through and stopped in Labasheeda.  It is beautiful !!  The entire area is beautiful: so peaceful.  Loved it and can't wait to return when this pandemic is over.  

    If anyone is curious as to any of the findings I have, feel free to message.  



    Sunday 11th April 2021, 02:48PM
  • I am interested in this topic because my great grandfather, Michael TROY, born about 1835, (eldest) son of John TROY and Bridgit KANE (KEANE?) emigrated to Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. 1 of 4 children, the whole family arrived about 1851-53. I have no idea how they afforded it. Haven't found them in arrivals list but the first census they show up on is 1861. In 1 unofficial record Michael recorded he was from Kiladysert, Clare. It is not a popular surname. I'm interested info course, locating any TROYs. Maybe someone in Ireland has more info. The christening record has Michael and his sister Mary, but not the other two children; pages were missing I assume. No marriage record but I did see other KEANE people in the christening records that could have been Bridget's sibling(s).

    Patricia TROY Demers

    Thursday 15th April 2021, 03:25PM
  • Without knowing, this may be in the blood - I've had an unusual interest in publishing more info on poor farms here in the States. Maybe some of my family were there, or extended family.  In the States they were eager to work hard to rent then later purchase one piece of land. Through massive hard work, they'd buy one more, add an animal at a time. Build. One stone at a time.

    Thanks for this information. Thanks very much.

    Patricia TROY Demers

    Thursday 15th April 2021, 03:28PM
  • Hi,  Think my grandmother Catherine A Frost was born in Killdysart Workhouse (Pauper)  1853,  Father Batt Frost,  Mother Peggy Cleary.....I find no further record for her in Ireland.  She migrated to US 1876   No records of parents marriage.  The record of her baptism is the only record I have found.  Thanks,  Margaret Pettibone


    Sunday 3rd October 2021, 10:49PM

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