Kilkea Castle

KilkeaCounty Kildare

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Kilkea Castle in Co. Kildare

One of the oldest continuously inhabited castles in Ireland, Kilkea Castle is an important landmark of Irish history located in the parish of Kilkea in Co. Kildare. Kilkea Castle was erected in 1180  for Walter de Riddlesford, a Norman knight, who arrived during the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. Over the next seven centuries, Kilkea Castle became the seat of power for the Fitzgeralds, one of Ireland's pre-eminent Anglo-Norman families.

Today, Kilkea Castle is a family-owned resort hotel, luxury spa and 18-hole golf course set amid 180 acres of gardens, parkland and woodland.

Notable former residents of Kilkea Casle include:

  • Sir Walter de Riddlesford

  • Sir Thomas de Rokeby

  • John Fitzgerald, The Redoubtable, 1st Earl of Kildare

  • "Hump-backed John" Fitzgerald, the 6th Earl of Kildare

  • "Silken Thomas", the 10th Earl of Kilkare, who led a rebellion against King Henry VIII of England

  • Gerald Fitzgerald, "The Wizard Earl," who according to legend, spends the night at Kilkea Castle on the 7th day of the 7th month of every 7th year


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