Kilmacdonagh National School

Ballymacoda LadysbridgeCounty Cork

Kilmacdonagh National School

Kilmacdonogh National School was situated in the rural townland of Ballykinealy approx. 2 ½ miles from the village of Ballymacoda in East Cork. Surrounded by a farming community, in its day approx. 40 children were educated in the school at any one time. The children came by road, through the fields and by Pony and Trap to attain their education.

The school is a single-story building with a porch and it also sports a pitched slate roof with a chimney at each end.  One can still see the original tall sash windows which was typical of school buildings at that time which was the only way to get light into the classrooms and the heating consisted of an open fire where pupils were sent out to collect small sticks for the teacher to light the fire with. The school closed back in 1972 and has since gone into disrepair and cracks can be seen to appear in recent times. Today it is used for storage by a local farmer.  A rough stone wall surrounds one side with a stile still in situ.

Ballymacoda/Ladysbridge now have a new state of the art National School which is situated in the townland of Kilcredan and have approx. 180 children attending at present which covers both Ladysbridge and Ballymacoda local children.









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