County Mayo

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The Kiltimagh Museum was originally the railway station that was transformed into a museum and opened in 1989.

The station was opened in 1894.  Two vintage railway carriages have been incorporated into the museum and they commemorate the thousands who emigrated.  In 1963, the passenger line ceased operation and then in 1984, the freight line closed too.  This was a blow for the town and its economy. 

Kiltimagh IRD is a company that has implemented a series of development plans and projects aimed at making Kiltimagh better and they supported the development of the museum.  The museum itself has many artifacts remembering the town and its history.  It collects, preserves, and interprets artefacts and folklore related to Kiltimagh, The former station master's house now acts as an art and exhibition centre with many local artists having their work on display and enhancing the area.

The local community is constantly adding to the museum and it is a proud reflection on the past and history of the town.

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