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BorrisnafarneyCounty Offaly

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aka Loughton House Estate & Gardens Hotel

Loughton House was built in 1777 by the Pepper family who were landlords in this district since the Cromwellian period of Irish history. The ruins of Ballinlough Castle, the original Norman tower, can still be seen behind the main house. Loughton is an anglicization of "Ballinlough" the Town of the Lough (or lake). 

The Pepper family lived at Loughton House until one Thomas Pepper (married to Miss Bloomfield) died as a result of a hunting accident. His brother-in-law, the 1st Lord Bloomfield, then acquired Loughton House.

In 1870, Mr Trench succeeded to the property from his brother-in-law, the 2nd Lord Bloomfield. The Trenches remained in residence until 1973 when the property was passed to the Atkinson family. The current owners purchased the property in 2016 from the O'Reilly family.

Loughton House Estate & Gardens is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in Ireland. It is now a hotel. 



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Type of Building:

Landed Estate


  • My great grandparents (O'Connell) and their family worked in Loughton house as gardeners and house servants not sure for exactly how long but before the 1901 Census up until and after the 1911 Census.  My great uncle was head gardener there until he retired and lived in the cottage attached at the time to Loughton House along with his wife Josephine up until his death in 1964.


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