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McHugh Family Homestead
McHugh Family Homestead

Does anyone recognize this building? I am trying to extend my family tree and need to find any McHugh and Connolly family members to do so.

My great-grandmother was Delia (Bridget) Mchugh, born in 1872 Her father was John McHugh and her mother was Bridget Deacy(?). She had at least one sister named Sarah (not sure if that was her frist name, her given name, or if it was a nickname derivative of something else). She also had a brother named Patrick. I have a letter written to her by her mother that was sent to NY, US where Delia emigrated. It has the parish Caltra listed on the letterhead, which I know is in Galway. However, this building is in County Mayo. Delia McHugh married John Connolly and they had five children after they moved to New York, US. They were Mary J.. Sarah A., Kathleen C., James P., and John. Delia died in 1932. Her father John J. McHugh died in 1923 at 67 years old.

Any information about their ancestors would  greatly appreciated.


  • Hello!


    My name is Kaitlyn Gullickosn, I live in the US, Delia/Bridget McHugh is my great-great grandmother!  My great grandmother is Mary J- Her married name was Gillen.  My grandmother on my dad's side was her daughter.


    I'd love to connect to share more information :)




    Saturday 20th April 2019, 04:43PM
  • Hi!

    My name is Anna, I'm from the US, and Sarah McHugh (Delia/Bridget McHugh's younger sister) is my great-grandmother! Her daughter, Agnes, is my grandmother, and Agnes left me a pretty detailed letter a few years back about how Sarah came to immigrate to the US, eventually lived for a time with Delia and her husband John Connelly in Brooklyn, and then married John's cousin, Daniel Connelly. I'm new to exploring my geneology, but it would be great to connect at some point and exchange any information we have about the family. :-)

    Best wishes,



    Thursday 31st October 2019, 09:41PM

    Greetings McHughs,

    I'm Maureen, Anna McHughs granddaugther.  My grandmother is from Castlebar, Co. Mayo and she had a sister named Delia.  Gullicksons are also my cousins and they had stayed with my grandmother.  All the names mentioned in the above links sound familiar on my family tree.  Anna came to settle in Brooklyn, NY and had  eleven children and many cousins as borders.   Would love to know if we're from the same McHughs.

    Best,  Maureen.




    Saturday 29th August 2020, 10:53PM
  • Hi Maureen

    My name is Ian McHugh
    Think you migh have information for me also


    Sunday 13th December 2020, 07:11AM
  • My grandfather was a John McHugh name passed down


    Sunday 13th December 2020, 07:12AM
  • I have the census from 1901. Delia is there. John and Bridget her parents. Delias brother Edward is my grandfather. I was at the remains of their house on Tuesday.

    Thursday 8th July 2021, 10:04PM
  • Census

    They were tenant farmers since circa famine time 1847. Delias grandfather was Francis. Tithe valuation / agreement attached.

    Thursday 8th July 2021, 10:11PM
  • Delias Nephew, Eddie, my uncle moved to NY and died recently

    Thursday 8th July 2021, 10:15PM
  • I have actual photos and video of the house from Tuesday if anyone wants them. Email me or add me on FB text or WhatsApp +354860582675

    Thursday 8th July 2021, 10:29PM
  • Sorry +353860582675

    Thursday 8th July 2021, 10:30PM

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