MucknoCounty Monaghan

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All images courtesy of Brenda Stewart
All images courtesy of Brenda Stewart

McKelvey's Grove Church was built in 1847.

It is affiliated with the Presbyterian faith.

Interior of church

Stained glass window of church


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  • My Great-grandfather and grandmother, Joseph Stewart (1855-1927) and Jane Montgomery (1858-1953) were married in this church in 1876. My two sisters and I  had the good fortune to travel there from Canada in May 2019 and meet with the current minister, Rev. Kerr Graham, who gave us a guided tour of the interior. This was just prior to the original initerior being gutted and replaced to modernize it. I have lots of pictures of the interior that I can post, (if I can determine how to do it.)

    Brenda Stewart 

    Stewart Montgomery

    Thursday 14th January 2021, 02:18PM
  • Hi Brenda, 

    That's a great connection, and fantastic that you were able to travel to the church. Have you added Joseph and Jane to the Ancestor Chronicles? We can link them directly to the church. This link will being you to a video where I explain the process

    Let me know if you have any question


    Chronicles Editor

    Thursday 14th January 2021, 04:50PM

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